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This blog is created as a way to stay on top of the learning throughout the year and as a way to discuss various topics that will arise as you learn. I hope that you find this blog useful as a way of checking in on what you have missed while you were away and double-checking on the information that we will cover in the class.

An important note: It is YOUR responsibility to catch up on missed work and assignments through this blog. Therefore, I will expect that you will be prepared and ready for all activities and the work assigned will be completed on time. It is really important to stay on top of your work so we can be motivated, responsible members of the class.

Also, feel free to offer up your comments on lessons, activities, etc. as you like. It is important that you can comfortably offer up any feedback that will help create memorable learning experiences. Your voice is important.

Success does not come before effort in the dictionary!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

D - SS 10 > Finishing up on writing

The focus for everyone was to finish the Confederation essay which should be sent to by now. 
For next class, read up to p. 88 and complete the activities on Confederation conferences

A - Integrated Studies > Away at workshop

Everyone was participating at the Anti-bullying seminar.  Please refer to Moodle and the entry titled:

Integrated studies 8 - Block A > First Contact and Early Settlers.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

G - Integrated Studies 8 > Contact and Relationships - First Canadians

Time was cut short today so much of what needed to be done did not get accomplished. We were able to get a terms list going that needs to be done for next class. (Terms: community, identity, habitation, ally, monopoly, colonization. Then, moved on to discuss questions about a hypothetical settlement situation.

For next class: finish the questions (Who were the First Canadians - on Moodle). The complete the rest of the activities found on Moodle, under Topic 2.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

D - SS 10 > Formulating Ideas

The period was dedicated to writing a rough draft of the essay: Should the Maritimes join Confederation.  Please share your Google Doc with Ms. Googs

G & A - Integrated Studies 8

The period was used to complete the assignment on how Natives interact with their environment. Please submit into Moodle but send me a message if having trouble submitting.

Friday, October 14, 2016

D - SS 10 > Looking closely at reasons for Confed

We continued to look at the details of events and people involved in the drive to Confederation then moving on to the  5 big arguments for Confederation.
Class ended a little short due to weather so here is your work to complete for next class:
Complete the essay format sheets for the question: SHOULD THE MARITIME COLONIES JOIN CONFEDERATION?

If you were away, you will need to see Ms. Googs about getting extra handouts to read for the essay.

G & A - Integrated Studies 8 > Creation Stories of the Natives

We started with a quick look at the Native Bands located in the 7 regions of Canada. Everyone worked to make short summaries of each of the groups. 

Moving on, we then looked at 2 of the creation stories The Legend of Weesakayjack - First Nation Legend & Inuit Creation story while quickly reviewing Bering Land bridge theory

Due to the limited amount of time, everyone was introduced to the first Individual activity (check-in assignment) - How do Natives interact with their environment?
How do I interact with my environment/my community?(this can be found on Moodle). 

Work on this over the weekend and you should get more time next class.