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This blog is created as a way to stay on top of what we will be learning throughout the year and as a way to discuss various topics that will arise as you learn. I hope that you find this blog useful as a way of checking in on what you have missed while you were away and double-checking on the information that we will cover in the class.

An important note: It is YOUR responsibility to catch up on missed work and assignments through this blog. Therefore, I will expect that you will be prepared and ready for all activities and the work assigned will be completed on time. It is really important to stay on top of your work so we can be motivated, responsible members of the class.

Also, feel free to offer up your comments on lessons, activities, etc. as you like. It is important that you can comfortably offer up any feedback that will help create memorable learning experiences. Your voice is important.

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Monday, January 26, 2015

B & C - SS 10 > Unit Review

Students discussed the answers to the review questions for the test this coming Wednesday.  The link can be accessed below for the answers.
confed review

D - SS 8 > Presentations continue

Students continue to present the findings of their World Religions Inquiry project.  It is really important that everyone remembers to save their work on flash drives in case the wifi is down as it happened today. Also, students must send their copies of the work they did for the project: bibliography, project and presentation plan and links to their presentation

Friday, January 23, 2015

H - SS 9 > After the battle on the Plains of Abraham.

Students reviewed the key people, tactics and events in the battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759.  After the discussion, the class moved on to the effects of the war, beginning to examine the Proclamation of 1763 and the Quebec Act.  Students are two examine the chart on the two acts and indicated the changes from the Proclamation Act to the Quebec Act. Also, students must answer the question:  How would the French act with the new Quebec Act?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

B & C - SS 10 > The Dominion of Canada and the division of power in government

Students quickly discussed the final steps that led to Confederation by looking at the London Conference in 1866 and the responsiblities of government at the federal and provincial level.  For the last half of class, students were given a review sheet to complete to prepare the upcoming test on Confederation next Wednesday.

unit review - Confederation

D - SS 8 > Presenting: Can Religion affect our lifestyles

Today, students began to present their religion inquiry projects in class.  We were only able to complete a few of them today.  It is important that all students show proof of the individual work they completed on the assignment in order to be assessed individually on the project.  This will require handing in plans and sending the work via email to Ms. Googs

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

H - SS 9 > 1759 - and so it goes

Students continued to complete the questions based on the 1759 website.  All questions must be completed for next class.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

D - SS 8 > Editting final Products

Students needed the class to edit their products/presentations on their World Religion inquiry in order to present them on Thursday.  Each student needs to bring their artifacts and examples of the work they completed showing that they met their objectives for assessment.

world relgions inquiry rubric