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This blog is created as a way to stay on top of what we will be learning throughout the year and as a way to discuss various topics that will arise as you learn. I hope that you find this blog useful as a way of checking in on what you have missed while you were away and double-checking on the information that we will cover in the class.

An important note: It is YOUR responsibility to catch up on missed work and assignments through this blog. Therefore, I will expect that you will be prepared and ready for all activities and the work assigned will be completed on time. It is really important to stay on top of your work so we can be motivated, responsible members of the class.

Also, feel free to offer up your comments on lessons, activities, etc. as you like. It is important that you can comfortably offer up any feedback that will help create memorable learning experiences. Your voice is important.

Success does not come before effort in the dictionary!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

H - SS 9 > Retreat

Students were at a retreat all day.  Next lesson on Thursday.

Monday, March 2, 2015

D - Deeper into Feudalism

Students discussed the notes on Feudalism: how it started, reason it began.  Also, each person was given a copy of a real feudal contract attached to questions that will help them understand what is included in a contract.

B & C - SS 10 > Breaking down a comic and investigating Thomas Scott

Students took their time to make sense of the questions attached to the Chester Brown version of Riel's story.  The class found that they needed to use more interpretation to make sense of the writing. Also, students briefly analyzed a pic of the Scott execution and listened to one account of the event. 
For next class, students are to determine if the execution is justified and ensure the notes from the powerpoint are recorded.

Scott pic

Friday, February 27, 2015

H - SS 9 > Loyalties

Students started with a quick review of the American Revolution : What happened in the end? – independence, new boundaries, refugees.  following, students focussed on the theme of loyalty. The class was divided into teams of 5, creating a name, cheer, qualities and symbol. AFter a short acitivity students went back to their groups to discuss a number of questions:

- What did competition do to your loyalty
- how does a loyal person act? What does the person say? Do?
How does a disloyal person act? What do they say? Do?
Is it possible to be too loyal?

7. Brainstorm
- can you think of any school situation or in the news where loyalty has resulted in negative or destructive consequences?
- 3 teams develop list of positive consequences and other groups list negative consequences

The time ran out quickly in class.  Students were left to complete these questions for homework along with looking up Loyalists, Late loyalists, United Empire Loyalists, reading in Crossroads (178-183)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

D - SS 8 > Introduction to Feudalism & Inquiry prep

Students quickly discussed the homework regarding the Venn diagram on Vikings and Franks. Prior to starting an activity, students were introduced to the Feudal system (lords, peasants, knights, etc) and given roles to follow in the class Students had to assume and play out these roles as they were asked to create inquiry ads for the upcoming exhibition day.

In the meantime, students need to read and take notes from pages 44-49 in Pathways for the next class.

B & C > SS 10 - Workshop

Students participated in an anti-violence workshop today.  Remember to finish the Riel Mandala's for Monday. All the information can be found on the previous post.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

H - SS 9 > Work period - American Revolution assignment

Students were given the period to work on the American Revolution timeline and response assignment that is due on Friday.  See last entry for details on the assignment.