Staying on top of things.

This blog is created as a way to stay on top of what we will be learning throughout the year and as a way to discuss various topics that will arise as you learn. I hope that you find this blog useful as a way of checking in on what you have missed while you were away and double-checking on the information that we will cover in the class.

An important note: It is YOUR responsibility to catch up on missed work and assignments through this blog. Therefore, I will expect that you will be prepared and ready for all activities and the work assigned will be completed on time. It is really important to stay on top of your work so we can be motivated, responsible members of the class.

Also, feel free to offer up your comments on lessons, activities, etc. as you like. It is important that you can comfortably offer up any feedback that will help create memorable learning experiences. Your voice is important.

Success does not come before effort in the dictionary!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

B - SS 10 > Refining statements and questions for Riel's trial

Groups were finally able to work together in person on the trial. The questions and witness statements need to be refined in order to have solid evidence to support a guilty or not guilty charge. Monday will be the day to practice parts and make last minute changes with the trial on Wednesday.

D - SS 8 > Crusades: mapping, thinking, writing

Today, the focus continued on the Crusade with a mapping activity.  map work    
This activity will help us identify the Muslim and Christian areas along with the key cities involved. Following this activity, there is more research today involving listing causes and reasons for the Crusades. All of this along with the research on Muslim discoveries/inventions must be completed by next class (Monday).

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

H - SS 9 > Working on defining imperialism

Students continued to work on their imperialism assignments - they are due next class (Friday).

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

D - SS 8 > Middle Ages: churches, conflicts and leadership

The class reviewed their medieval church assignments from a week ago and shared-their observations on Padlet ( Put onto Freshgrade).  We continued with a quick review of the Medieval church and Crusades reviewing key findings in handout out reasons for war, feelings towards Muslims.

The rest of the class was used to  search up key discoveries and inventions of Muslim/Islamic culture (between 500-1096 C.E. /A.D.)  While doing this, students will complete a handout on evaluating websites while also compiling 5-10 key points about their invention/discovery they chose.

Padlet answers
evaluating websites

B - SS 10 > Away at Grade 10 retreat

Continue on with your part of the mock trial activity.

Monday, April 25, 2016

H - SS 9 > Imperialism theme work

Students continued on with their Imperialism assignments. Remember to break down imperialism into small parts (trade, confict, etc.) to help you understand the affect and influence on North America.

Friday, April 22, 2016

B - SS 10 > working on the trial

Everyone continued to work on the mock trial.  At this point, there still needs to be researching  for background on witnesses and answers to the questions in addition to refining opening and closing statements.
By this time, every group should have sent a link of their Google Document to Ms. Googs. Also, each group must let their opposing group know their witnesses so they can make questions.

 It will be beneficial for groups to talk about the questions that the opposing groups may ask witnesses and questions for cross examination.  Each group should take time to determine what the cross-examination questions may be to help prepare their witnesses.

**** Thursday of next week will be the final day for them to work on this trial.  They will present it the following Monday May 2.

**** Students can hand in permission forms and money for the field trip during AP on Monday.  Otherwise, i will collect Thursday April 28.