Staying on top of things.

This blog is created as a way to stay on top of the learning throughout the year and as a way to discuss various topics that will arise as you learn. I hope that you find this blog useful as a way of checking in on what you have missed while you were away and double-checking on the information that we will cover in the class.

An important note: It is YOUR responsibility to catch up on missed work and assignments through this blog. Therefore, I will expect that you will be prepared and ready for all activities and the work assigned will be completed on time. It is really important to stay on top of your work so we can be motivated, responsible members of the class.

Also, feel free to offer up your comments on lessons, activities, etc. as you like. It is important that you can comfortably offer up any feedback that will help create memorable learning experiences. Your voice is important.

Success does not come before effort in the dictionary!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Block D - SS 10 > Are we ready to Ignite?

It seems that no one was able to meet the deadline to present their Ignites on the BC town or city of their choice (well, except for a few people). Now, everyone has until next Tuesday for their presentation to be ready (Choir students will go first).  We will get to see Ethan and Erika present on Friday.

Block A - Integrated Studies > Tuning Questions

The focus continued on formulating the essential question for our free inquiries.  Everyone who finished Project Planner #1 were able to work on an activity that hopefully fine tuned their questions.  After the activity, the final question should be submitted onto Google Classroom under Block A - Essential question.

The remaining people need to complete the Project Planner #1 and submit their inquiry question onto Block B - question I am pursuing.

Next inquiry day is Block B.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Block G - Integrated Studies > working towards essential questions

After listening to more Fair trade presentations,  we spent one class this week working on creating questions for Inquiry. The project planner #1 (found on Google classroom) needs to be ready for Monday in your A block classes as we will be fine tuning those questions. Remember that taking time to research your topic can help you to create the big essential question